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starr hall

A year or so ago I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Dr. Joey Faucette. This email turned into a phone conversation that had me laughing so hard I was crying. Now I am absolutely honored to call him my friend.  Recently I had the chance to read through his latest book release and let me tell you it just rocks!  I am sharing this book with you via my website today because I feel like Dr. Joey is changing the way we approach our work, careers and what I call dance with life. Let him make you laugh (in a crying kind of way) and help you, all you have to do is buy the dang book…and read it. :)  Or you could not buy it, make excuses and not experience positive change. It is up to you (hehee, that is my way of saying- TAKE ACTION!), I am confident the book will not disappoint. Let me know once you pick up and read or if you already have, post here or tweet, email, Facebook, Linkedin and yes now even Google+.

Here is to our continued success,

Starr Hall

PS- Reading 2 books per week will change your life, business, relationships and bank account…for the better. I challenge you to create more prosperity for yourself, your family and the world…starting with a few great books a week. Even if you just read a few chapters out of each, you are wayyyyy ahead.

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  • Emily S Hammer says:

    I can’t wait to read this book, your right it does look like a great read! I read at least a one book no more then week and I highly recommend it because it keeps me motivated and knowledge in the social media world.

    • starrhall says:

      Hey there Emily! :) Awww thank you for the post. :) Let me know what you think when you read this book- :) How in the heck are you?

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