What Dreams Are Made Of…

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After months of contemplating as to whether or not I would go public with something that I have been wanting to do for over two decades, I decided ultimately to share. I found myself giving a client advice recently and questioning my own teachings, I was focused on ingraining transparency into their marketing department and brand overall. “Transparency is key with the use of social media, don’t hide behind your brand or a brand, come out in front of it and share respectfully”, if done correctly, this, I truly believe is how brands and consumers connect. And, well…it is proven- just Google or Bing it.

Although my outreach today isn’t necessarily “consumer focused”, over the years I have built a readership list into the hundreds of thousands through blogs, columns, articles, email and mobile lists as well as clients. I felt it necessary to communicate openly and stay in touch with my readers, friends and fans. Hence, this blog post.

So here I am typing on a Sunday morning, stepping in front of my own brand that I have spent 25+ years building. Before I begin my transparency journey via blog, share my story, it only makes sense to explain what I am moving into on my path. Here goes- I have decided to return to school and finish what I started as a young teenager…pre-med and medical school. Yep, you read that line correctly- I start back up in a week.

After 20+ years in marketing/PR and leaving Rosetta last year to move into my own global agency with partners, I have found that I have a calling that just will not let up and the pull is getting stronger every single day, something I cannot and will no longer ignore. Medicine is calling, and I am answering…finally. With that said, I’m not leaving you, so no crying allowed- I will still continue forward with LEAD as a senior marketing consultant as well as with several other global agencies and select clients (when giving clients the choice of referral, most opted to stay with me- yeahhh- I am so grateful).

My story in brief-

I had my son Austin, now 23 at the age of 16. Single, scared and yet a child still myself I knew that I had to get a higher education if I wanted to avoid a minimum wage world (at the time minimum wage was $2.25/hr in LA) From a very young age, I have always been intrigued with hospitals, medicine and science (If I had any other lives before this- I swear I was a doctor in a village). I decided that I needed to further my education while still in high school, new baby on the way and began evening classes for medical assisting school, then went on to X-ray school, phlebotomy and eventually LVN training. I started with these trainings and licenses and worked in the medical field until I was 23 years old with hopes of moving onto medical school, however I kept having babies instead. Yes, three of them (now 23, 20 and 14 and now a 4 y.o. step daughter). Healthy, beautiful and so grateful to have kids at a young age, I find myself at the age of 39 (40 is calling my name- just months away) with a stronger pull than ever to finish pre-med and continue on to medical school to pursue a career in medicine.

I, like most, have a story of tragedy and triumph that has brought me here to this place on this very day, ready to change direction….bravely, at the age of huhmmm…39. After a bout with a domestic violence relationship in my early twenties, loss of my father from suicide and my great grandfather Jackson the love of my life, postpartum depression, and being the sole supporter of my children for all of these years (often working 3 jobs in the beginning), not being able to break away for an academic education, my journey has brought me to a much stronger place to where looking back now, I would not have been ready for medical school years ago. However, my real world experiences with people, tragedy, loss, personal growth and my amazing marketing career has prepared me for the journey that I am now about to embark on.

In my medical career I was very fortunate to have worked for two female doctors, one in Manhattan Beach, CA (now retired) Dr. Susan Van Holten and still practicing- Dr. Pamela Kushner in Long Beach, two of the most inspiring females I have ever known. Along my journey, I interned at Long Beach Memorial and South Bay Medical Hospital, these experiences planted a desire in me so deep that little did I know at the time, it was permanently embedded in my life. Even in the medical field, looking back now, marketing has always come natural to me, I found myself also doing the doctor’s marketing, PR and client relations in addition to managing their back offices and patients.

Lessons I have learned along my marketing career journey, these to me are what dreams are made of-

1)   Critics have been my highest level of motivation

2)   Passion in your belly is key

3)   No matter how old or young you are pursue your calling

4)   Surround yourself with amazing people, peers, colleagues and mentors

5)   Accept challenges, fear and uncertainty as a part and way of life and do it anyways. (Excellent book by Dr. Susan Jeffers- Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway)

In closing, although this is something that I should save for a graduation speech in 6 years or in the acknowledgement section of my next book, I have decided to give thanks to people along the way that have encouraged me, inspired and supported me and continue to do so to this day. My journey started with Dr. Thistlewaite, my son’s pediatrician and his nurse Nancy for encouraging me to go into medicine, so thank you for seeing the spark in me, speaking up, and pushing me out into the world as a teenage mom. Jack Canfield for helping me build my self esteem along this path, helping me deal with and heal from my father’s suicide at the age of 14, an abusive relationship and always reminding me that I am never too old to go back to school, change careers or do anything for that matter, thank you my friend, your voice speaks to me daily (Any of Jack Canfield’s books and I have read them ALL are absolutely inspiring, prompt action and boost self esteem every step of the way).

To all of my marketing clients that have been such as pleasure to work with over the years (Entrepreneur Magazine, Verizon, Jafra Cosmetics,UPS, Sprint, Dell, Disney, Samsung and Microsoft to name a few) and all of the thousands of entrepreneurs I have been so fortunate to work with, thank you for your trust, for the relationships I now cherish and of course for hiring me.

My family and children that have completely jumped on the support train and are now my biggest cheerleaders- Jackson, Savannah and Austin. And last but not least my amazing husband Matthew Jude Egan for telling me to go finish what I started many years ago, allowing me the support both financially and emotionally to do so, I love you! AND I am so thankful for you igniting the fire in me by giving me the amazing writings and books of Atul Gawande, M.D. Wow! PS- Your PhD and Law degree/education…aka nerdness will certainly be a benefit on my academic journey, I thank you in advance for your tutoring…and patience.

I have found it self-inspiring today to share my story via my blog, as this is an important part of my commitment to myself and to my future.  I will continue to share marketing tips, stories and my experiences along the way.  I hope you stay along for the ride- it is going to be interesting, challenging, scary, fun, fear facing and ultimately…rewarding journey. Will I finish medical school? Who knows! However to me, it is about the journey…not the destination. And for those of you that know me, I am not a “wish I would have” kind of gal.

Stay tuned.

Here’s to fulfilling our dreams,

Starr Hall


  • Heidi Lundgren says:

    Congratulations to you Starr. You will succeed in anything you set your mind to. No worries. You go girl!

  • starrhall says:

    thank you my friend :))))

  • Starr

    I believe that everyone should follow their inner voice (nudge). In fact The Universe is constantly nudging us, I am glad that you are finally following the path that The Universe laid out for you, very few have the courage!

  • Tammi says:


    Thank YOU for learning and leading. Your post is timely as I have struggled so much the last couple of weeks with fear and loss. You are amazing! Thank you for your transparency and courage – it inspires me!

    Here’s to the journey! I am so excited for you.

    With gratitude,


    • starrhall says:

      Tammi- thank you for stopping by and for posting. It means so much to me. Anytime you want to private chat- FB me :)
      – Starr

  • You remain an inspiration. where are you enrolled in medical school? And don’t you forget us along the way. We are here to cheer you on.

    best of luck,

    Linda West Eckhardt
    James Beard award winning cookbook author
    Editor/Founder everybodyeatsnews.com

    • starrhall says:

      Linda- hellllllooo! :) Thank you for stopping by and for your post. My goal is to go to UCLA Medical School. I am working on finishing some more transfer courses to transfer to either Cal Poly SLO or UCSB to finish Pre-med. :) I am looking at general surgeon or OBGYN, Women’s Health. :)

  • Rob says:

    AMAZING strength and conviction!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing and always being open to the beckon call of life. It’s always exciting to be walking in your calling and to do so with a renewed passion and vigor!

    You’re going to be great!!!!!!!

    • starrhall says:

      Rob- You are just awesome. You have become such a great friend and supporter over the years, thank you so very much, I deeply appreciate it and hope one day I can return the awesomeness.

  • Ada Love says:


    I think you are great & I wish you the best! Please do keep me on your list for future blog posts. I would love to track your success!


    • starrhall says:

      Thank you Ada- I sure will- you mean my success and my ummm failures and challenges right? :) Because I have a feeling there are going to be too many to keep up with on blog posts. :)))

  • Oh my gosh!! How great for you! It takes a lot of moxie to do what you’re doing and Girl, moxie you got! Good luck on your journey and stay inspired! Awesome!

  • Jim Kissane says:

    Starr, thank you so much! Like your achievements to date, I know you will do great in the medical profession. Best of luck !

  • LisaAR says:

    Best of luck to you! As a work-in-progress 45yo, I’m all for the new life chapter!

  • Starr, may you be given wisdom, patience, courage and persistence as you pursue your dream and special calling.

    You will continue to inspire many–even more than before, as you accept this magnificent challenge to continue to serve others–this time in the field of medicine.

    May God bless you and your family as you now journey on a road not commonly taken by PR Specialists, Marketers and Social Media Experts!

    I will be praying for you.

    You have indeed overcome many obstacles in the past. Expect more in the future. Nevertheless, you possess the passion, desire and strength to achieve this goal.

    So, go forward and finish what you started.

    Warmest personal regards,
    John A. Fallone
    Biz Dev. Consultant & CEO

  • Kathy Fettke says:

    WOW! Way to follow your heart. Enjoy every moment. And thank you for sharing and inspiring us with your commitment

  • Starr,

    I saw you do a presentation on social media marketing near Philadelphia (Hyatt?)and was blown away by your charisma, more than anything else.

    We never had a chance to talk due to the long line of anxious fans ready to shake your hand and exchange a few words. Unfortunately I had some errands to take care of and I could not stay longer. Thank you for the lively and very informative presentation.

    Your letter was very moving and inspiring and I applaud you for your honesty and inner strength.

    You personality projects great confidence and enthusiasm which is vital for any undertaking. You will be successful again in this new journey, because you certainly have what it takes.

    All the best!

    Tomas Dalziel

  • Sheri Riley says:

    There you go…inspiring me again!!! You are amazing & a constant presence of “Yes. I. Can”. Much More continued success!!!

  • You are a fierce shining Starr and I resonate with your authenticity and encouragement. You have lit my path and your philosophy has stayed. Through tears I read and adore your story as my mentor always said “No matter what, go with your gut”. That’s the final answer. As an authority on autism, Asperger’s and the development of Character, Making Real Connections is growing everyday. I am thankful for people with your calling because you can take care of a kid’s bloody nose while I am fainting! I will be your “Wind With Wings” as you take flight and am delighted to connect with you on your exciting journey.
    Michele Rene` Conner

    • starrhall says:

      Dangit Michele, I just redid my makeup, thank you for such beautiful heartfelt words of encouragement and love. I am forever grateful for this post.

  • Keith Kohler says:

    For me personally, your post is absolutely the “right medicine” at the right time. I needed to hear this from you as I continue my own journey towards authenticity, and while I ponder a massive career choice that must be made during this month. I am cutting/pasting your five lessons and will use these as the yardstick for my decision.

    My sincere thanks,

    Keith Kohler

    • starrhall says:

      Keith- you know I think you rock big time! Please keep me informed, let me know if you want a private chat session. Thank you for being an awesome client/student. :)

  • Kathryn Clowes says:

    Starr, you’re inspiring and driven and I have no doubts that you’ll not only finish medical school, but you’ll be one of the best doctors out there. Keep living your dreams!

  • Starr, It’s always best to follow your heart and it seems that’s exactly what you are doing. Can’t go wrong following your heart.

  • Peg Doyle says:

    Hi Starr.
    I met you at a seminar in Boston. I knew you were a spitfire! Congratulations and enjoy the ride.
    I jumped off the cliff at age 50 and opened my practice. Someone said to me, Don’t be scared. Jump right in…the water’s warm in the land of dreams come true.
    I wish that for you too.

  • Marcie says:

    Starr, congratulations on following your dreams. You will be blessed.

  • OMG, Congratulations! I absolutely loved reading this. And I learned so much about you. Kathy Fettke is also a friend of mine and I’m a student of Jack’s too. When did you work with Jafra? I’ve been a consultant and manager with Jafra since 1979!! And I worked for UPS in ’78-’79. I’m so very proud of you to follow your life dream! I’m loooking fowrward to hearing about your journey. Starr, you are an inspiration to me. And I’m sure medical school will be glad to have your energy, spirit and enthusism! Wishing you the very best! Love and Blessings all along the way!

    • starrhall says:

      Alana!!!! It has been ages, thank you for stopping by and reading as well as sharing your love, I so appreciate it. I worked with Jafra in 2010/2011 and UPS in 2009-2011. :) Please do keep in touch and tell Jack I said hello. I sent him an email today as well. Much love- Starr

  • Lisa Zollner says:

    You will be amazing at whatever you do. It’s inspiring to watch you follow your dreams whatever they may be. Best of luck to you always.

  • Dana Corliss says:

    Wow, Starr, I’m so proud of you for following your dreams! You are an amazing woman! I remember one of our last visits right after you had Austin and we were up in your room talking, I knew you would go far in whatever you were going to do in your life. You’ve got a great family support system and I honestly can’t wait to see what the future brings for you! Congrats Starr, you’ve accomplished more already then some people do in a lifetime, I know that one day I will hear about the very famous, Dr. Starr Hall Egan and how she has helped many people…I can’t wait!

  • Ruby Beeler says:

    Congradulation on a life well spent. Your testimony is a joy to read your passion is a delight. May the force be with you.

  • Ayesha says:

    Wow! That was an awful lot to share & it helps me understand what made you the amazing person you have become. I met you about a year ago at an entrepreneur’s conference here in Atlanta & was thoroughly impressed with you. I spoke with you briefly afterwards & made me even more impressed. From what I gathered from our encounter, you are an intelligent, driven, genuine & kind person who wants to help everyone succeed & exceed. I know that whatever you do you will put your all into it & do a phenomenal job at it. Good luck (not that you’ll need it) & continued success on your new path.

  • Lacey says:

    Good Morning, Starr.

    I had to re-read this post. Wow. I’m truly happy that you’re going after what’s in your heart. I’ve been a Starr Hall devotee long before I met you @ the Entrepreneur summit in Rosemont, IL in May ’11.

    I will never forget how nice you were to me after I gave my clumsy & starr-struck schpiel about my SoMedia marketing aspirations. I’m eternally grateful how gracious you were in humoring me by listening. Thank you.

    Go make your dreams come true. Lord knows I’m working feverishly towards fulfilling mine.

    With much love & full support, I want God to give you nothing short of His absolute best!

    Now SCRAM.

    Stay blessed & a blessing, dear lady!

  • Loretta Smith says:

    Dear Starr,

    Congratulations on your decision to pursue the next love of your life. We met at a women’s conference in Bakersfield several years ago and I have appreciated you keeping in touch. My first impression of you was something akin to a “firecracker” and here you are living up to my vision of you. You are inspirational and I love, and do believe that your quote, “the passion in your belly is truly key” is a rule to live by.

    Best of luck to you and keep us all posted on your journey!

  • Cecile says:

    I’m always impressed with how you maximize the best life has to offer. Cheers to you and can’t wait to make my first Dr. appointment with you. :)

  • Lynnee says:

    Hi Starr – What a touching and moving post. Thank you for opening up your story to us. Congrats on taking the leap!!

  • Loretta Smith says:

    Dear Starr,

    Congratulations on your decision to pursue the next love of your life. We met at a women’s conference in Bakersfield several years ago and have appreciated you keeping in touch. My first impression of you was something akin to a “firecracker” and here you are living up to my vision of you. You are inspirational and I love and do believe that your quote, “the passion in your belly is truly key” is a rule to live by.

    Best of luck!

  • Starr,
    You are an amazing woman! Congratulations on following your dreams and changing careers to honor your authentic voice and follow your calling at this time in your life! Can’t wait to hear more about where your new journey takes you. You will be successful at all that you do and I’m thankful to have known and worked with you. Many blessings! Linda

  • starrhall says:

    Thank you all for your amazing posts, encouragement, love and support. SEE, these are the relationships I have made over the years in marketing- I am so grateful!!!

  • Keena Ross says:


    Best wishes in all that you endeavor! If you have any bumps in the road, just come back and re-read all these wonderful comments, well wishes, and words of praise. I have no doubt that you will succeed in your journey, in whatever way you decide along the way!

    Good luck and delightful learning,
    Your friend from THE FIRST TOWN IN THE FIRST STATE(Lewes,Delaware)!

  • You go girl! Always the inspiration. I am so glad that our paths have crossed and pray they continue to cross.

    “Don’t die with your music inside you!”


  • Brett Allen says:

    … an unexpected twist. the plot thickens. I wish you the best and look forward to hearing about it. 3 Stars for authentic living!

  • Guy Bailey says:

    Oh well done Starr – this post has made my day and cheered me up after a rough couple of days.

    All the best to you and your family – keep shooting for the Starrs!


  • Adam says:

    The comments above say it all. I love your attitude, perseverance, passion and purpose. I love the fact that you never play it safe. Kick ass Starr! Never forget, you perceived value (to all of us) is greater than you perceive it to be:)

  • Ken says:

    What an emotional and inspiring story! Good Luck Starr (not that you need it!)

  • Kristie says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Best wishes to you in this new chapter. Looking forward to reading about your next journey! Cheers!

  • Julee says:

    Hello Starr,
    Thank you for sharing your story we have a few similarities… I too come from marketing background including Central California Coast and interested in medicine (alternative health/nutrition/medicine). On New Year’s Day 2013 I was putting my 3-5 year plan together creating a career that included my passions. Long story short the universe decided NOW was the time your story helps to keep the faith and fight the fear.
    Thank you,

  • Eddie says:


    It was a pleasure to talk with you at the Entrepreneur events when they’re in L.A. You have and will always be a great inspiration to me in a personal and professional capacity and I’ll be rooting for you as you go on a new path in your life. You got the strength for it :) xoxoxoxo

  • Elise Green says:

    Starr, thank you so much for sharing your heart, your knowledge, being transparent, and true to yourself! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Congratulations on your decision. Blessings be unto you on your journey. Thank you for your inspiration. I am honored to have had the opportunity to read your work. Blessings dear sister. Enjoy the journey!!!

    Elise Green
    Eskapade Productions

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