Three Tips for Building Your Network on Google+

starr hall

starr hall

[Starr says: Please welcome contributor Erika Kerekes, who heads up social media solutions at Deluxe Corporation.]

You have your business page set up on Google+, right? If not, it’s time.

Google has made it perfectly clear: Businesses that are active on Google+ will get found more easily via Google search. Google+ posts are indexed almost instantaneously. And with Google’s new personalized search results (Search, plus Your World), your Google+ posts show up front and center for anyone with whom you’re connected.

Grow your circles

It’s easy for you as an individual user on Google+ to add people to your circles – like Twitter, you don’t need their permission to “follow” (circle) them.

But it’s harder to build circles on a business page. A business can’t circle a person until the person circles the business. Makes sense for spam control reasons, but it means businesses sometimes have trouble getting traction.

Here are three ways to grow your network for your Google+ business page:

  • Connect with other businesses. Business pages can’t circle individuals without reciprocation, but they can circle other businesses. Use the search bar in Google+ to look for other companies in your industry or location. Circle them and start up a conversation. You’ll make friends with those businesses, but you’ll also be getting your name and comments in front of the people in their circles. The more interesting you are, the more likely those people will circle you too.


  • Build your personal circles first by finding friends, acquaintances and interesting Google+ pioneers through Google+’s recommended followers list or external sites like Then, whenever you post something particularly interesting on your business page, use the “Share” button under the post to share it with your personal circles. Don’t overdo it – you don’t want to irritate your new friends – but try it every second or third post and see what happens.


  • Comment on and share other people’s content. The more your business page comments on and shares the posts of other business pages and the people in your circles already, the more new people will see you. If you’re funny, intriguing, smart, interesting or sassy, you’ll attract new followers.


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Erika Penzer Kerekes heads social media solutions at Deluxe Corporation. There’s more information on how to get started with Google+ in the free DeluxeSocial webinar, Why Small Businesses Need to Pay Attention to Google+.

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