The Power of Giving- Savannah Smiles!

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Last night my family and I had one of the most amazing human beings enter our restaurant- Cuvee. His name is Dr. Cyrus Tahmasebi or “Cyrus” as he likes to be called. ┬áMy daughter, Savannah just happen to be working at Cuvee at the time Cyrus and his amazing girlfriend came to visit us.

Quick history brief- my daughter Savannah has had a rough run in life, I won’t go into details all over the internet but let me just say this- she is my hero! A few years ago, she had an accident and knocked out her 2 front teeth, although we had rootcanals done her insurance would not pay for any cosmetic surgery to fix the damage including her gums, a fang tooth that popped out and the 2 front discoloring teeth. For those of you that have seen a picture of my daughter, she is beautiful, for those of you that know her, you know she is the most giving person and even more beautiful inside. Having this damage to her mouth has caused her not to smile much since. Being that she was named after a character on a movie called “Savannah Smiles”, this was very hard for the family and our friends to see her holding back and pulling back socially. When we went to Costa Rica last year we had saved up to get her teeth fixed, however my youngest son ended up getting into a horrible ATV accident so we were not able to get them fixed. Savannah decided to start a teeth jar this year and save money to get her teeth fixed, one $1,500 tooth at a time. So the savings began.

Last night- Cyrus walks in, takes one look at her teeth and says, “come on in tomorrow morning honey, I will fix them for you, you just have to be a before and after model”. We all broke down into tears and couldn’t even wait on anyone walking in let alone try to have a conversation. After we gathered ourselves out of the back of our little kitchen, we offered to do something in exchange- marketing?, IT work?, free champagne for life? Cyrus simply replied, “I became a dentist for this very reason, it would be my pleasure to give Savannah her self esteem back.”

You see my friends, I write this personal story today to share with you a lesson that has brought me to tears in the past 24 hours and reminded me that the giving nature of mankind still exists:

1) Give yourself and your services unselfishly asking nothing in return- the marketing in that..what you give comes back to you.

Thank you Dr. Cyrus for giving my daughter her self esteem back and fixing ALL of her teeth. You have given an amazingly deserving girl a new outlook on life and through all of the people she has met and let her down, you have showed her that people aren’t all alike, there are caring people left on this planet beginning with you and now…Savannah Smiles.

Email & Phone for Dr. Cyrus:, 805.922.8491

PS- We will post before and after pics here soon, for now there is a pic of her in surgery this am, less than 24 hours after Cyrus visited Cuvee. For now you can view a quick video of her progress: [youtube][/youtube]

Beyond words grateful,

Starr Hall & My Savannah


  • Tiffany says:

    Crying tears of joy for Savannah! Can’t wait to see her :)

  • Jerry X Shea says:

    WOW – talk about “bartering” or “horse trading” – more power to Dr. Cyrus Tahmasebi. A true asset to his profession.

  • Jean Kuhn says:


    What a wonderful heartwarming story. I’m so happy for Savannah, and I love when someone offers another such an amazing gift with no expectations. A True Go-Giver.

  • That is a truly beautiful and touching story. It really shows that there is still wonderful caring people in this crazy world! Just one smile can go along way! :-)

  • Pam Lawhorne says:

    “Give yourself and your services unselfishly asking nothing in return – the marketing in that… what you give comes back to you.”

    So true Starr!

    And how wonderful for Savannah!

  • Michelle says:

    What a tremendous gift. I’m sure Savannah will honor it with many, many smiles!

  • Savannah Starr says:

    Oh my gosh Mom make me cry! That was a beautiful story thank you! Also a HUGE shout out to Dr. Cyrus thank you for changing life (seriously) you are an amazing person! Thank you grandma Heidi for helping me start my teeth fund and all those who contributed ( Papa, Justin, Mama (Starr) Aileen,) Thank you!

  • Awwww, that’s one of the sweetest stories I’ve heard in a long time! These priceless moments of pure giving have happened to me, too, but sometimes, in the Sturm und Drang of life, I forget about them and go back to my ordinarily self-absorbed existence. Thanks for the reminder of the innate goodness in all of us. Oh, and thanks for inserting a warm-hearted story in your otherwise online marketing-focused blog. A pleasant surprise!

    Blue Volcano Media

    p.s. And I remember the movie “Savannah Smiles!”

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