"Starr is a light for all."

− Jack Canfield

"Starr is liquid action. She solves problems, creates opportunities, and consistently produces a positive impact on the bottom line of any company, or any situation she works in. She's also a whip-smart, heart-on-her-sleeve, empowering presenter."

− Grady Hall

"You might have people who understand how the tools work and
can speak the language of social media but, to be a true expert, you
need years and years of experience in marketing, PR and social
media. There are really only a few of those types of experts. Starr
Hall is one of them."

− Michael Port

"Starr is an amazing professional with the results to match. She has catapulted my
book to #1 best seller status and has been a consistent force in shaping the success
of my other endeavors as well. Her knowledge, connections, creativity and
integrity are just a few of the many things that stand out for me when I reflect on
our professional relationship, she is also an amazing presenter and educator."

− Nick Romer

"“Starr Hall is a social networking and media expert and a darn good educator and
strategist, I highly recommend her consulting, book and trainings."

− Alex Mandossian

"Starr Hall is a brilliant PR and Social Media strategist, speaker and trainer. She has a wealth of experience and definitely delivers for her clients. I highly recommend her services, consulting and trainings, she will exceed your expectations."

− Mitch Meyerson

Case Study


"55,000 global reps + 21 countries + 1 leading cosmetic brand = 500% more unique visitors and 48% more leads. Now that’s a formula for success."

− Social Path to Conversion

"For one of the world’s largest tech companies we grew over 140,000 new fans in 7 days and upped click-throughs by 68%."

− Social Marketing

"Business is global, whether you want it to be or not. So we trained staff at a luxury hotel chain on our worldwide Social-PR blitz."

− Global Integration & Training

"Starr, whose 2013 Oscars focused social campaign increased engagement 3,000% among 8 million fans – 3x more than 2012."

− Social Engagement

"Mobile carriers need love too. For the B2B leader, we increased positive brand sentiment 89% and raised conversions 38%."

− Social CRM

"We have no reservations about turning our restaurant client into a household name through 100+ online and offline publications."

− Public Relations

Happy Clients

Starr’s extensive global portfolio includes strategy consulting, executive and team training, keynote engagements and international executive and brand publicist representation. Logos are the property of respective owners.