My Top Five NEW Fave Sites/Online Strategies to BUILD YOUR BIZ!

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Quick, simple and to the point, here goes: 

1.– get people to do some crazy yet creative things to get your message out there for just $5.00. With all of the online noise, now is the time to be creative, push the limits and fascinate your prospects and clients.  Do the different!

2. Feedjit– know what people are doing on your site and when friends or clients visit you. The Feedjit Pro lets you see your visitor’s journey from beginning to end and understand how they experienced your site. You need to know who is visiting and what they are doing so that you know how to better market and communicate with your audience.

3. Pinterest- A “Virtual Pinboard”, jump onto the share movement, this is not just a trend, it is an online movement.  With Pinterest leading the way, people are wanting to share more and more- the “products I want” or “things I want for my (wedding, home, car, child etc…).  Another site that is gaining traction is as well as the Pinterest for men-

4. Kickstarter- Put yourself and or your business out there and get people on board creatively.  KickStarter is a new way to find, fund and follow creativity. Yep- raise money for your business or new idea on this site. People will pay $20 to support a passion, cause or creative adventure. One thing on this site you need to know- if your goal is to raise $5,000 and you only raise $4,980, you do not get any of the money raised, it will be returned to the people donating.
5) Apps- Oh you knew it was coming, you now know it is here- you need to start looking at creating an app for your business. Your market connects first via mobile. Make it easy for them to engage, interact, play a game, see your products etc… It doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, check out these free app making sites- 
By the way- did you know that the ‘App Economy’ Has Created Nearly Half a Million Jobs Since 2007 reported by Mashable.

As always, thank you for stopping by. Do you want to add any here- have at it, post and share away. 

Marketing addict, 

Starr Hall 



  • Mark says:

    These are some great sites to share with the community Star!

    Pinterest is at the top of the stack at the moment for me. I really never got into photo-sharing; but Pinterest makes it fun and interesting.

    I’m excited to learn more about these others as well.

    Cheers to you miss : )

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