My Social Media Course Launches on the Island of MALTA

I am beyond proud as well as honored to have my social media and marketing training course accredited in Malta (It is somewhere over by Italy :) The Malta Times recently interviewed me on marketing and the program in general. I have included the link below. Michelle G for making this happen!

starr hall

THe Sunday Times Logo– Sunday, September 25, 2011

Attention grabber

If you know your product and your clients and can push yourself hard, you can become your own publicist, says social media authority and author Starr Hall.

Tech Sunday: At first glance, using social media as a marketing tool looks easy. But is it?

Starr Hall: There is definitely an art to using social media for marketing purposes, to grow your business and to build a personal reputation. In this digital relationship age, it is vital to learn online language and communication so that you can build credibility and long-term relationships.

Once you learn the art, it can be easy depending on how you approach it on an ongoing basis. If you stay involved online, it will get easier and less time consuming – however, if you only browse now and then and post a few times here and there, you will be on a hamster wheel and eventually become very tired with little to no results surfacing from your efforts or lack of.


– Starr Hall

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