Let me take you out to dinner!

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With all of the FREE public training and events that I have this year in the US of A, I figure that it would be a great opportunity to take you to dinner or coffee at one of my upcoming events. So, if you would like to have a one-on-one chat, here are the detail as to how you can make it happen:

1) I will pick ONE winner at each event location that my team and I will take out for either dinner or some other meal time to talk about your business, (and YES, I will pay for it, fine order lobster!). Meeting will either be a dinner, breakfast, lunch or coffee depending on my travel flight as well as event schedule.

2) All of the events listed below are free to attend so no purchase is necessary to enter however you must be present day of to win.

3) You must register on the applicable site for event below and actually show up at the event as I will be pulling from cards submitted on day of event.

Event Locations-

Phoenix: March 24th- Register Here!

Houston: April 21st- Register Here!

Chicago: May 11th- Register Here!

Atlanta: June 15th- Register Here!

New York: July 14th- Register Here!

Los Angeles: August 16th- Register Here!

Miami: September 13th- Register Here!
PS- Once you register, let me know by either emailing me back or sending a tweeting/Facebook post, I wanna know who it might be. :)

I cannot WAIT to hang out with you and help your biz!

Hungry for more successes,

Starr Hall
International Speaker/Author/Marketing Advisor
Columnist for Entrepreneur Mag Dot Com

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