I LOVE Facebook’s NEW TIMELINE- It is FILLED with Opportunity!

starr hall

It is time…for timeline. Whether you like it or not it is coming. Just when you thought you had your fan page figured out, along comes Facebook with another set of changes. Personally, I love it when Facebook makes changes, it keeps me on my toes and it keeps me learning new ways to reach out and connect online for both myself as well as my clients. SO- here are the things I love about Facebook’s new timeline and a few quick tips. By the way- if you are stuck and you need help with a redesign or strategy my friend Jody and her team can help you with that (disclosure- Jody does not pay me any moola for these referral, she is a resource for my clients and to show her appreciation, she helps me with my site changes now and again). CHECK OUT JODY’S VIDEO HERE

1) I heart the new layout because:

– You have more creative freedom to express your brand values, story and pull people in emotionally. Make sure you are not using the cover photo space to sales bitch or product push, Facebook says no-way on that approach anyway (phew).

– You can tie your posts and those tab boxes right below into your cover photo theme. Livestrong did an awesome job HERE

2) I LOVE the new sponsored post ads that will show up in the newsfeed.

– When someone posts something cool, fun etc… or recommends something you have posted or have available you can now click on that post and promote it (paid advertising), the post will then show up in newsfeeds of new targeted prospects (you have to pick out the demographics and details as to whom you want Facebook to target for you)

– This gets you on the main newsfeed in front of people that might not have crossed your path yet. Another great feature is the friends that also like your fanpage ads with Facebook, where you can show people that like a post or something on your page and it will show up on the right side bar of Facebook to let your fans friends casually know they think you rock. (Okay this has been there for awhile however it is worth a mention incase you have not seen it yet)

3) I have fallen for the story telling (milestones) and pinning, it is my all time fave new change.

– You have no choice now my friends, you just have to tell your story (or stories). I love this because THIS is how prospects get to know you and connect. You can create stories tied to product launches, things that you did in the past. These can be serious or funny, however no matter how you tell these stories, add a graphic/visual piece in with these posts. Check out Ben & Jerry’s via Mashable here

– Pinning is the best online invention since well, liking. You can pin a post at the top of your timeline for up to 7 days. This way you can feature posts and if you really want to, yes you can feature specials here as well. Another Ben/Jerry’s example here

So there you have it, I embrace the changes, I hope that you do as well. These changes can be a huge opportunity for your brand to reach deeper levels of connection with fans and prospects which by the way is what ultimately results in sales.

If you want Jody’s help- go HERE and to see my new timeline- go HERE

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to share what you love and or don’t love about Facebook’s new timeline changes.

Lovin time,

– Starr Hall

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