How You Can Blow Away Your Competition in 2013

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starr hall

We are two weeks into 2013, just curious…what are you doing to make sure you gain market share this year, stay ahead of your competition and most importantly obtain and retain happy customers? If you think posting on Facebook or tweeting a few times every day is enough, good luck to you, that is so 2012. Being social is not what it was five years ago let alone last year. Social channels change daily (I told you MySpace would be back and even better!), new technologies continue to surface and customer behaviors are changing faster than Google’s algorithms.

I, just like you have been studying fast and furious on the web to not only keep up but to do the different and maintain quality relationships with my high level clients and contacts. I have cleaned house here at, I deleted a database of over 20,000 emails, cleaned out my Facebook friends and Linkedin contacts that are no longer my target market, I joined a global agency last year to learn another side of the business (all I have to say is- it is great to be back as an entrepreneur- phew) and I cancelled my speaking tour so that I could dive back into R&D for 2013. I had to, my brain needs a reboost, I have another book due out, I am getting ready to launch my next venture and I want to blow away my competition and fast.


After countless hours of R&D online and off, I have landed on top five things that you should focus on in 2013 to blow away your competition. Feel free to add to this list- this is just a starting point.

1) GoMo- (Go Mobile)- Is your website mobile friendly across devices (android and IOS)? Google has an excellent site to analyze your website and they offer step by step actions that you should take to make your site mobile and device friendly with a focus on shortening the path to purchase. Link-

I am currently making a few of these changes on my gomo site as well. For example, when people visit my mobile site, I only want them to have 2 choices. 1) Learn, 2) Hire/Buy.

2) Socialize Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management…Mastery)- I always thought that referencing relationship building as “managing” your customer relationships was silly. Your customers don’t want to be managed. I refer to this as Customer Relationship Mastery. I want to master communications and build quality relations with my high level list of clients and connections. Which program are you currently using for your communications with your customers and clients? Whatever you use, make sure that you have the option to check your e-lists to see where you can connect with your peoples socially. I am referring to sites and programs that can help you expand your email outreach and determine where your customers are social, talking and sharing. Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, icontact to name a few.

3) Incorporate Smarter E-Commerce- When visitors land on your domain and mosite (mobile site), does your site make the purchasing decision shorter yet personable for your customers? Meaning, how many steps does it take to actually purchase from you AND furthermore, are there reviews and recommendations that they can see for your products/services to help shorten this path to purchase?

Reviews are an increasingly important part of the purchase journey for online consumers.  More consumers will be searching for the name of the product plus the word ‘review’, or related words such as ‘ratings’.  If you have reviews on your site, then you stand a better chance of picking up this traffic.

Also remember that bad reviews are valuable too, a mix of positive and negative reviews helps to improve consumer trust in the opinions they read.

A Reevoo study suggest that the presence of bad reviews actually improves conversions by 67%.

A few ecomm sites to check out for your on domain store/carts-

 4) Utilize Customer Insights- Monitor and evaluate your customers behaviors and sentiment across channels so that you know how to better engage and move them into taking action. There are some great free and low cost tools available such as, and  Of course there are the Ferrari programs like Brandwatch, Omni/Site Catalyst and Radian6 to name a few, some of these will even predict behaviors now- wowza! It is vital that you know what is being said about you and your brand across channels. What is the sentiment? Mostly positive, neutral or negative? No matter what the sentiment is, there is always a huge opportunity to engage the positive and move them into advocates, focus on neutral by engaging and being there and of course responding to the negative in a way that aligns with your brand voice and CRM practices.

5) Co-Brand in Videos- Old Spice did an excellent video campaign on co-branding last year. They partnered with Bounce, a non-competitive brand and created a cobranded video/e-ad.  Think about brands, companies, causes – that you can reach out to and partner with on posts, in videos, domain shares and product/service showcasing.

Link to Old Spice Video- [youtube][/youtube]

As always, thank you for visiting, reading and sharing.

Addicted to Social R&D,

Starr Hall (Egan)


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