How to Use Online PR & Social Media to Boost Your Brand

Here is segment #2 on BraveHeart Women TV- helping a budding entrepreneur BUILD HER BRAND.

Check it! View it! Do it! Thank you for visiting and watching. Thank you Ellie Drake!

– Starr Hall


  • Rob Pene says:

    @StarrHall you’re the friggen best!!!!

    Great insight for the local business and I love how commanding you are on camera :)

    I feel super special to know you hehehe :)

  • starrhall says:

    aww Rob you are a true online and offline friend. I admire you, appreciate you and I am super glad that we met. :) Thank you. – Starr Hall

  • Donina says:


    Great tips! I recently started a PR company, and getting myself publicity has been a bit daunting. Thanks for sharing about the spirit of perseverance.


  • Jacqueline Rogers says:

    Hi Starr,
    I am still following you.Great tips. My first comment after seeing the clip was this woman is good! I sent you a bracelet, hope you got it.

    Jacqueline Rogers

  • Irene says:

    Hi Starr,

    Great tips. I know that you had mentioned to be apart of the conversation but what if my business topic doesn’t have many people blogging about it or writing about it.

    I do cross-cultural communication and marketing and sometimes people do not realize how important that can be to grow their business or save hours of frustration and costly mistakes. I specialize in China- lots of Chinese are coming here and boosting the bottom-line for US business (retail, education, hospitality).

    I have started my own blog but piggy-backing on other blogs has been sparse. I am also looking into the topic of China vs cross-cultural. Other than technorati, any other ways to search for relevant materials or to get my blog out there?


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