Goodbye 2013, it’s been real! 2014, Holograms and Coding- here I come!

Starr Hall


Starr Hall

Can you tell what this hologram is?

As this year comes to an end, I look back on lessons learned and reflect on what I accomplished both in my career, with my family and self.

Here are a few things I came up with while sitting on the top of a mountain…okay a hill…ummm, actually it was just my desk. (note to self- more time on mountains in 2014)

As you may well know, I set out mid year to return to pre-med school and finish what I started over 20 years ago…well…after six weeks in 3 classes, the teachers bored the heck out of me- they had no real kinesthetic teaching methods, and for my hyper self, I was desperate to be inspired so that I could continue my medical mission. However instead, I found myself falling asleep in classes that used to completely energize me. I decided after 6 weeks that finishing pre-med school and going onto medical school was just not going to happen…I was bored by the teaching style and I wanted more. However, this time was not wasted, oh no, through this experience I learned something that completely blew me away (Thank you Suzette!), I learned that my true passion is to teach and inspire. It is what I love, live for and do on a daily basis sometimes without even realizing that is what I am doing…naturally. With that in mind, I took the past 6 months to reshape my focus and I have now landed here…

With a focus on teaching (and learning) here are a few things that you will see from me in 2014: will evolve into an interactive learning site: Just as we evolve, learn and change- so must our websites and marketing. For the past 6 months my poor website has just been sitting, it hasn’t served a real purpose and has not helped anyone (that I know of), like it used to. It has been sitting for a few reasons, 1) It took me a few lessons learned throughout 2013 to realize what I wanted the site to be which is to be of service, 2) I had to do a ton of research to decide on what I wanted it to be and what I did not want it to be and how to make it happen. Now that I have mapped it out and have several designers and programmers working on it, my new site will launch in 2014 and it will unfold as a story and serve as a teaching/learning tool for all that want to utilize it.

Here are some things that it will include:

–       CODING: An entire section on coding, I am jumping on the “learn to code” wagon and will help serve as a teaching center. Have you seen some of the videos on this? [youtube][/youtube]

–       JOTS & THOUGHTS- Weekly Jots & Thoughts section where I will share actionable tips and resources in short mini posts. (Who has time to read long blog posts like these anymore! Wait…are you still here?)

–       HANGOUT- a hangout video section so that we can jump online, chat about a topic, issue etc…and actually see each other AND as soon as I figure out how to build holograms or hire someone that can, I want this to be a Hologram section. :)

–       LEARN- I will be launching an interactive product page and learning center (oh just wait, it’s a comin!).

–       CONNECT- this social section will connect you with people that you are looking for. Whether to hire, ask a question, learn from or just make new entrepreneur power friends.

As for my family and self-accomplishments in 2013. Life is short…or is it long and we just take forever and a day to actually do the things we want so that we have no regrets? I want and aim to spend more time taking adventurous trips around the world with my husband and my 4 kiddos and last but not least- keep my health as a core focus because in 2013 I, Starr Hall took it for granted. :/

2014…ready or not, here I come!

As always, thank you for reading,

– Starr Hall


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