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Every single day, I wake up and want to go to work for and with my clients. I choose to work in certain industries such as lifestyle, hospitality, fashion and telecom because the brands that I have the pleasure of working with and continue to get referrals to aim to make a difference. I join in as senior consultant to help direct their aim and show them how to hit their targets. I do this by analyzing any and all data that my robust intelligence programs can pull…from audience behaviors and purchase decisions to locating loyal and influential customers as well as defining a clear retention path for the brand and the consumer. Social and search, public and investor relations, reputation and crisis management and digital experience all play a part in mapping successful marketing plans, tactics and assigning talent teams. This is what I do, this is what I love and what I am really, really great at. Let me show you…and your customers.



"Starr is a light for all."

− Jack Canfield

"Starr is liquid action. She solves problems, creates opportunities, and consistently produces a positive impact on the bottom line of any company, or any situation she works in. She's also a whip-smart, heart-on-her-sleeve, empowering presenter."

− Grady Hall

"You might have people who understand how the tools work and
can speak the language of social media but, to be a true expert, you
need years and years of experience in marketing, PR and social
media. There are really only a few of those types of experts. Starr
Hall is one of them."

− Michael Port

"Starr is an amazing professional with the results to match. She has catapulted my
book to #1 best seller status and has been a consistent force in shaping the success
of my other endeavors as well. Her knowledge, connections, creativity and
integrity are just a few of the many things that stand out for me when I reflect on
our professional relationship, she is also an amazing presenter and educator."

− Nick Romer

"“Starr Hall is a social networking and media expert and a darn good educator and
strategist, I highly recommend her consulting, book and trainings."

− Alex Mandossian

"Starr Hall is a brilliant PR and Social Media strategist, speaker and trainer. She has a wealth of experience and definitely delivers for her clients. I highly recommend her services, consulting and trainings, she will exceed your expectations."

− Mitch Meyerson

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The 861 Groupe - Creative & Web Development

Creative & Web Development

Growing up Creative - SEO & Tech/Dev

SEO & Tech/Dev

Rosetta - Large Scale Projects

Large Scale Projects

Pure Visibility - Search


Lead - Social & Reputation Management

Social & Reputation Management

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